Bill Pay FAQ’s

  1. What is Online Bill Pay?
    Online Bill Pay is the same as writing a check, only Online Bill Pay is more secure and executed online. Online Bill Pay removes the hassle of writing and mailing checks. Paying a bill is just a mouse click away, 24 hours a day.
  2. Is Online Bill Pay safe?
    With all Online Banking services, your User ID and Password combination prevents unauthorized entry to your account. When you use Online Bill Pay, you access the Internet via a secure connection with the highest level of encryption available.
  3. How much does Online Bill Pay cost?
    Online Bill Pay is FREE for all accounts! That’s right, cheaper than buying stamps and checks.
  4. Who can I pay with Online Bill Pay?
    Almost any business or individual with a mailing address within the United States or U.S. territories (i.e., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands) can be paid using Online Bill Pay. Virtually anyone you can write a check to, you can pay with Online Bill Pay. You can pay bills for your monthly daycare bill, mortgage, car payment, credit cards, utilities, landscaper, pest control and other types of business, plus friends and family. Legal considerations exclude payments to the Internal Revenue Service, or any court-ordered remittance.
  5. Will I be required to enroll in the new Online Bill Pay System?
    There is no need to re-enroll in Online Bill Pay after we convert to our new, enhanced system.
  6. I’ve been paying bills with Online Bill Pay, will I need to re-enter my billers into the new system?
    If you’ve been paying bills already with our Online Bill Pay all of the information will be securely transferred to our new Online Bill Pay system. There will be no need for you to re-enter any existing biller details. You can easily add new billers that you wish to pay at anytime you wish with the Quick Bill Add feature or the Add a Bill tab.
  7. I’m not enrolled in Online Bill Pay, how do I enroll?
    After signing in to Online Banking, click the “Bill Pay” tab. Read and accept the Bill Pay Access Agreement by clicking “I Accept.” Enter the required information.
  8. Are online bill payments guaranteed to arrive on time?
    Online Bill payments are guaranteed to arrive on time in the event that the “due date” you requested is at least five business days prior to the actual due date indicated on your bill, and that all pertinent payee information has been entered correctly into our Online Bill Pay System.
  9. What if a scheduled online bill payment arrives late and I am assessed late fees/finance charges?
    Online Bill payments are guaranteed to arrive on time in the event that the “due date” you requested is at least 5 business days prior to the actual due date indicated on your bill, and that all pertinent payee information has been entered correctly into our Online Bill Pay system. In the event that a payment meeting these requirements does not post on time, you will be reimbursed for late fees/finance charges not to exceed $50.
  10. What does the money get withdrawn from my checking account for a Bill Pay payment?
    The “due date” indicated on the system is the date that the bill is scheduled to arrive at its destination. There are two ways payments can be withdrawn from your account depending who you’re paying.

    1. In most cases, funds will be deducted from your account on the pay date you specify.
    2. For some billers such as some small businesses and individuals, a paper check may be sent. In these cases the money will be deducted from your account at the time the biller deposits or cashes the check. This is no different than if you had written a paper check.
  11. Are my payments sent electronically?
    We cannot guarantee that 100% of your payments will be sent electronically. Some billers cannot receive payments electronically. Keep in mind that whether the payment is sent electronically or as a paper payment, the service delivers the payment to the biller on the scheduled pay date.
  12. When does a biller receive my payment?
    The biller receives the payment on or before the scheduled pay date you specified. Some billers may not always credit your account on the same day that they receive the payment. Allow for extra time in this situation so the payment is not considered late. If you want to verify the payment posted, you may want to wait a day or two after the scheduled pay date before contacting the biller.
  13. How can I stop a scheduled payment?
    All online payments can be canceled before they are processed (At least 5 business days prior to the requested due date). Once the payment has been processed, additional modifications are not possible. Procedures for payment cancellation are as follows:

      Online Bill Payment:
    • Access the “Payment List” of the Online Bill Payment system
    • Click the link located to the right of the bill marked “Stop/Edit.”(In the event the bill has already been processed, this area of the page will show “Processing” and changes are no longer allowed.)
  14. Will the payments appear on my bank statement each month?
    Yes, all payments made through Online Bill Pay will appear on your checking account statement, displaying the date and amount of the payment.
  15. What are eBills?
    eBills are electronic versions of your paper bills that you can receive through Online Bill Pay. An eBill comes directly from the biller to your Online Bill Pay service. You can view balances, transactions and other statement information in an eBill. Then, you can pay your bill and print it – all securely online with Online Bill Pay.
  16. Can all of my bills be presented with eBills?
    eBills are available from many companies, but not all companies provide their bills electronically. When one of your billers provide you the ability to view their bills online you will see a EBILLS icon next to the billers name indicating that eBills are available for this bill.