Trust and Investment Services

Personal Trust Services

Trusts combine investment management services with additional financial and estate planning tools. They are generally used to protect assets and reduce taxes, while providing financial security for you and your family. more ….

Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management is much more than buying or selling an asset. Wealth management embraces all parts of your financial life and incorporates investment management, financial planning, banking, and wealth transfer strategies that are highly customized to your specific goals and unique needs. more….

Investment Management Services

Successful investment management requires time, experience and insight. It can be a very demanding and challenging task. Our experienced portfolio managers operate a very successful platform of specific investment objectives tailored to your goals. more….

Estate Services

The estate settlement process can be very complicated, time consuming, and costly to your heirs if not executed properly. Selecting someone to settle your estate is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. more….

Individual Retirement Accounts

There are several types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and recent changes in tax laws have made saving for retirement inside of an IRA even more accessible and attractive. IRA’s can reduce taxes, provide a vehicle to save for retirement, and generate income for retirement. more….

Retirement Plan Services

A quality tax-deferred retirement plan is one of the best tax-advantaged methods of saving for businesses and employees. Your well-designed retirement plan combines tax advantages to you and your business with retirement planning benefits for your employees. more….

Custody Services

Our Trust Investment Services division can handle all the accounting and administrative details for your account, including protecting your securities, executing your security transactions, reinvesting income, and making distributions in accordance with your requests. more….

Non-Traditional Asset Management

“Non-traditional” assets, such as real estate or closely held business interests require specialized professional management.
Our Trust Investment Services division can assist with administration, valuation, and management services for most of your unique assets including real estate, farm and ranch properties, oil and gas properties, and closely held business interests. more….