Custodial Services

American National Bank & Trust’s custody services provide the flexibility of allowing you to manage your own investment portfolio, while freeing you from the burden of administrative tasks.

Under a custody arrangement, you retain full ownership of the assets and control over the investment management decisions. You may place additional assets in your account, make withdrawals, or terminate the account at your discretion, and reserve the ability to make all security purchase and sale decisions.

American National Bank & Trust will handle all the accounting and administrative details for your account. We provide physical protection of your securities, execute your security transactions, reinvest income, make distributions in accordance with your requests and provide 1099 or other federal income tax reporting for your account.

Contact one of our account representatives today to see how American National Bank & Trust’s custody services can help you achieve your financial planning goals.


  • Centralized collection and reinvestment (or distribution) of dividend and interest payments
  • Execution of your buy and sell instructions through a registered broker-dealer
  • Safekeeping of all account assets
  • Verification of proper trade execution and security registration
  • Notification of bond calls, stock rights and warrants, stock splits and spin-offs, and other time sensitive investment information that may affect your account
  • Record keeping of income and capital gains/losses for tax reporting
  • Periodic statements reflecting current transactions, distributions, and market valuations
  • Annual tax reports


  • Service – personal attention from a trusted advisor committed to providing quality service
  • Control – you retain decision making control over your investments
  • Time – you are not slowed down by administrative tasks
  • Peace of mind – knowing an experienced administrator is there to execute your transactions in accordance with your directions