Individual Retirement Accounts

The worrisome state of Social Security has been widely publicized in recent years. It is uncertain what level of benefits any of us can expect to receive once we reach retirement.

Therefore, why would you count on Social Security to be your sole source of retirement income? The simple answer is you shouldn’t. Maybe you are fortunate enough to be a participant in your company’s retirement plan. However, even these two benefits combined together may not be enough to fund the kind of retirement you envision.

This is where an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can step in to provide the level of financial security you are looking for. With an IRA, you can make tax-advantaged contributions throughout your working life, plus your contributions and earnings continue to grow tax-deferred until you need to take distributions.

American National Bank & Trust can help you design an IRA to meet your specific retirement needs. We offer two distinct investment management alternatives:

  • Self-Directed IRA: Allows you to make your own investment decisions.
  • Investment Management IRA: Allows you to give full discretionary investment powers over your account to our professional investment staff.

Contact one of our trust representatives today to see how an American National Bank  & Trust IRA can reduce taxes, provide experienced investment management, and help protect your retirement savings.

We have several different IRA options to meet your retirement planning goals:

  • Traditional IRA
  • IRA Rollover
  • Conduit IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Educational IRA


  • Defer income tax on contributions
  • Reduction of federal income taxes
  • Professional investment management
  • Wide array of investment options
  • Timely and accurate tax reporting
  • Distributions after retirement that comply with federal requirements
  • Proper disposition of your retirement assets after your death