Investment Management Services

The objective of American National Bank & Trust is to utilize knowledgeable investment professionals to assist you in the formulation and achievement of your financial goals.

Successful investment management requires time, experience and insight. It can be a very demanding and challenging task. Most individuals lack the time, expertise and/or training to implement a comprehensive financial plan. American National Bank & Trust can help you create an investment plan that enables you to achieve all of your financial, retirement and estate planning goals.

We will prepare a comprehensive financial plan that meets your financial goals and maximizes investment return, while never losing sight of your overall investment objectives and tolerance for risk.

Investment Management accounts provide you with a full range of custodial, bill paying and record keeping services matched with professional investment management.

Contact one of our investment professionals today to see how you can benefit from our Investment Management Services.


  • Dedicated account representatives committed to providing quality service
  • Experienced investment management with proven performance track record
  • Actively managed investment portfolio to meet your financial objectives and tolerance for risk
  • Up-to-date information on markets and investments
  • Asset based fees as opposed to transactional charges
  • Regular investment reviews to assess performance with regard to financial and risk tolerance objectives
  • Periodic and annual statements reflecting current transactions, distributions, and market valuations
  • Ability to access your account information online if preferred
  • Centralized collection and reinvestment or distribution of dividend and interest payments