About Trust

Welcome to the Trust and Investment Services Division.  Over the years, we have improved and expanded the range of services we provide, which today includes trust, estate and fiduciary services, professional investment management, individual retirement accounts, company pension and retirement planning, custodial and safekeeping arrangements, and other individualized wealth management services.


Only by listening carefully to your dreams, concerns, and unique needs, can we develop the appropriate strategies to help you achieve your financial goals. Open communication and reassessment assure that your goals continue to be the driving force of our relationship.


Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive range of wealth management services that will help you achieve your goals of financial security and success.

“One of our primary benefits that we provide is that we are not tied to any one investment firm.  We review inventory from multiple investment firms and find the best valued asset available and put it to work for our clients.”

Jeffrey Schultz smilingJeffrey Schultz, CFA, CTFA - Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer , Managing Director of Trust and Investment Services


People are the fuel that propels our purpose and philosophy into action. Our remarkable management team average 20-30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Moreover, each of them has actively served local nonprofit entities in volunteer and governing board capabilities. Over the last 20 years, American National Bank & Trust has added professional and support staff to service your every need.


Our professional staff has on average more than 23 years of experience in the financial services industry with expertise and ethics. We deliver consistent service to current clients and to future generations through each stage of their lives, uninterrupted by any personnel changes or other events within the department.

“At American National Bank & Trust our strength is our money management capabilities. Our department is unique in that all the decisions to buy and sell trades are made in house by our qualified team members. Our team’s disciplined investment process is uniquely customized to our clients’ goals and has stood the test of time.”
Scott Tucker smilingScott Tucker, Senior Vice President